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Our Content Writing Packages

We offer dedicated content writers for your writing projects. You can hire full time content writer who works 176 hours per month (22 days x 8 hrs per day). You can even hire a part time content writer who works 88 hours per month (22 days x 4 hrs per day). Apart from that, you can hire content writer on hourly basis where you have no monthly payment commitment.

Web content writing

We have web content writers who can provide informative and precise text regarding your business in a simple and understandable language.

Full time:  $900 / month,
Part time: $500 / month,
Hourly:     $6.5/hr

Press release writing

We write quality and professional press releases for our clients and send it across to all the main agencies on the World Wide Web ensuring that your press release gives you a better look in the eyes of your clients as well as the news media.

Full time:  $800 / month,
Part time: $450 / month,
Hourly:     $8/hr

Blog writing

Karmick provides specialized blog writing services with the help of a dedicated and experienced team of blog writers, who specializes in developing contents for different kinds of blogs like corporate, personal, sales or blog of any other genre.

Full time:  $650 / month,
Part time: $400 / month,
Hourly:     $5/hr

Technical writing

Our technical writers very well knows how to present any complex technical subject matter is a simple and understandable form so that both the technical and the nontechnical readers find it interesting to read on.

Full time:   $1100 / month,
Part time: $600 / month,
Hourly:      $10/hr

Proof reading

With our proofreading services, you can remain rest assured that the final script, document, article or website content will be without any unintentional mistakes or flaws.

Full time:  $700 / month,
Part time: $400 / month,
Hourly:     $8/hr

Newsletter writing

At Karmick we have professional writers who understand the significance of newsletter writing and ensure it to be tailored with informative content making it a valuable proposition to the audiences.

Full time:  $700 / month,
Part time: $400 / month,
Hourly:     $7/hr

Article writing packages

Keyword-centric articles have become compulsory for a successful search engine optimization for any web portal or website. At Karmick we understand the importance of keyword-rich articles and thus develop them through a method that ensures maximum exposure of keyword for meeting the SEO objectives. We are well aware of the fact that every client has its own individual needs and that's why we are presenting an array of article writing packages. For instance, for writing 10 articles we have a specified rate whereas for writing 50 articles we have another rate. Contact us for further details.

10 articles :   $100
25 articles :   $250
50 articles :   $480
100 articles : $850

Attractive packages

We are also offering content writing service with website development. Here are some attractive packages:

5 page website -    $400
10 page website -  $650
20 page website -  $1200
50 page website -  $3000

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