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Technical writing

"Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them"

Technical writing is one of the most widely read form of written communication, found almost anywhere and everywhere around us. Whenever you have tried to operate your new washing machine or tried to solve the problem with your latest laptop, while consulting the user manual, you have been exposed to technical writing, knowingly or unknowingly.

In a broader sense therefore it is certainly not an overstatement to say that technical writing includes the "How To " of life. Quite ideally therefore whether it is the information on technology or the assembled instructions of a product, technical writing is all these and much more. Technical writing is the presentation of information that helps the reader solve a particular problem. Technical communicators write, design, and/or edit proposals, user manuals, web pages, lab reports, newsletters, and many other kinds of professional documents. Writing technically while following the technical guidelines and about technical subjects is no cakewalk and certainly demands professional touch. An effective technical communications require quality content, language, format, and more. Our aim is therefore to provide to the point communication to disseminate useful information. With a team of experts we write and edit, technical publications for a wide variety of audiences, including end users, system administrators, and business managers.

We provide the following services in the domain of creative writing:

  • We prepare technical documentation reports, user manuals, analysis report to cater to your varied need. Our well researched, to the point, concise reports
  • Our technical writers have the technical understanding that is indeed needed in producing accurate and high quality technical product write ups and user manuals
  • Our writers are fast and your deadlines actually matter to us. Our writers are committed in providing high quality technical write-ups including products reviews and user guide to your requirements. Our technical write-ups thus stand as the hallmark of accuracy, completeness, conciseness and usability.
  • We are technical and scientific in our tone. As we understand the need of the domain hence ponder on the technical need of the write up. We eliminate all Fluff and Fillers and extraneous verbiage from the technical papers to make it user friendly.

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